Real Estate

Our drones photograph, prospect and advertise real estate from golf course to skyscrapers, they also monitor construction in progress. DRONAA or LAKSHYA can be used for 3D mapping , taking ariel view with utmost accuracy , and Contour survey can also be done, using our heavy lifter, YANTRA.


Much Talked about "Crop Insurance " can be done in agriculture sector, by doing data mapping over agriculture land using our TRI-NETRA, other usage could be soil testing, season monitoring, plant counting among others. We could also develop attachment with our product YANTRA, which can act as pesticide sprinkler !


Photography and videography of many historical places and tourist destinations can be done, using our heavy lifter YANTRA, which can carry huge ultra-HD camera's for superior results.


Volumetric survey of mines and data mapping can be done with TRI-NETRA or DRONAA depending upon location and weather conditions of mines. The accuracy of data would significantly higher than conventional methods and time and cost would be much lower when you use our services.

Power Sector

Both solar power plant inspection and wind mill observation can be done using our different drones as per customized requirements of industry. Significant cost and Man-hours can be saved using this latest technology.

Law Enforcement

Our Drones could be part of search and rescue operations as and when needed, because of their unique features, they could also be part of city police services and could replace conventional PCR vans in future !


Our heavy lifter could be used in shooting aerial movies, because of it's unique capacity to carry pay-load of upto 30kgs, huge ultra HD camera's can be mount below it to get superior quality videos.